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StudentUniverse Promo Codes & Coupons [February 2024]- Save BIG

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Need the best travel discount as a student for you ? Then, StudentUniverse is the answer. #Click or Copy Paste below StudentUniverse promo codes/discount codes to save big on your next flight/stay ->

NEW2NA – Get instant 20% Off purchase of both one way and round trip flights departing from Asian countries(India excluded) and arriving in USA or Canada. Only one-time purchase allowed!

NEWFOR20 – This provides $20 discount when you purchase for the first time, round trip or a one way international flight departing the United States or Canada for anywhere except the United States, Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean!

**[All Coupons Valid Till February 2024]

StudentUniverse Promo Codes [RECENTLY EXPIRED]

Following are the expired promo codes for StudentUniverse. But there is nothing wrong in trying them again if you have extra time to spend.

  • MEMDAY18: Get $10 discount when you purchase a round trip or a one-way flight departing between May 24th and May 28th, 2018.
  • Terms for Promo Code: This coupon code gives you a $10 discount on the purchase of an airline ticket on The promo code is valid for round trip and flights with departure dates between 24th and 28th May 2018. The promo code can only be used once by a person at a time. Discounts do not include taxes and fees. There are limited offers available.
  • AV2018: This provides a $50 discount on roundtrip and one-way flights which departs the United States for Central or South America on Avianca Airlines.
  • NEW2NA18: Get $20 when you purchase for the first time, round trip and one way flights departing Asia (not including India) for Canada or the United States.
  • Terms for Promo Code: This promo code gives you a $20 discount on the purchase of an airline ticket on This promo code is valid for a round trip and one-way flights departing Asia (not including India) for Canada or the United States. The code is valid for a first time user and it is only available once to a person at a time. Discounts do not include taxes and fees. Promo code valid until August 31, 2018. There are limited offers.

What Is All About ?

studentuniverse promo codes

Student life always has never been easy. With a restricted price range coupled with excessive ranges of stress, and there is always something that wishes to get executed. With all of this going on, it is able to be tough to imagine a manner for students around the world to discover time to journey. That’s wherein student Universe comes in accessible.

There are masses of splendid ways to shop on the entirety from textbooks to computer systems and all kinds of useful gadgets that make touring the world easier. This is an available useful resource for students around the world looking to take a look at abroad, groups of students attempting to devise a laugh holiday for damage, or the student who simply needs to have a weekend far away from campus.

Student Universe makes it smooth for college kids to journey the world without having to break the bank. Student Universe has helped masses of heaps of students realize their desires and spot the wonders of the world as cheap as possible.

Why Choose Student Universe Over Others?

This is where has racked up the affordability to be shelved for a student. Making travel arrangements and modules that help you as an international student to see the world. on a budget.

Nothing out of the ordinary, like any other travel agency StudentUniverse is connected with airlines, budget lodging and also touring corporations. They bring you the best and lowest prices which fit the budget of any international student aging from 18 to 26.

And, that is their USP. They plan as per a student’s budget, without having them break a bank.


  • A Student’s Travel Partner

Travel agencies are no longer something that our parents do. Now, any international student can connect with StudentUniverse and they will bring you the lowest price in ticket deals and stay deals. Partnering with over 90+ airline, stay-deals and touring partners you can be assured to get prices at its lowest. Low enough to help you make your travel goals come true.

So, whether it walking through the city of Venice or even going to Amsterdam and finding cheap dorms, you know you will get all the deals with StudentUniverse.


  • Mobile App

StudentUniverse launched a full fledged user friendly mobile app to help students everywhere plan their budget trips better. The name of the app is ‘Flights’. No, it is not only for flight tickets, but it is also named to give your travel goals a flight.

You can find cheap hotel, tour, and ticketing deals. This gives you the assistance you need on the go. Sudden;y stuck out of nowhere on a trip, get on this app and book on the go with budget deals.


  • Great for Group Tours

Flights also has options for you to book in bulk. SO, if you are group easily book your date and time, as they are partnered with 80+ airlines. StudentUniverse will locate the lowest deal for you, and each student can pay their own. The organizer doesn’t have to collect it from all anymore.

The best part is that all ticket prices are given to a student as an upfront quote with no hidden charges. Once confirmed, every student will be booked at the same flat rate.


  • Shop and Compare

To ensure that you are getting the best prices you can always check other websites. You are going to get a discounted price with StudentUniverse.

Of course, all these prices don’t include retail discounts and giveaways.


  • StudentUniverse – Travelling Made Cheap

The idea of StudentUniverse is to make travel accessible instead of a luxury. So, if you are a student and looking to unlock your travel goals this Summer then chances are getting on a budget trip is exactly what you need. And, StudentUniverse is the place that makes all of that magic happen.

Seeing the world is not going to burn a hole in your pocket anymore.

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