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Ink Cards App Promo Codes and Coupons [April 2024]

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Are you looking for ways to send out cards to your loved ones during any occasion of joy or festival? You know that it’s is a part of etiquette and you don’t have to spend much to show your gratitude, appreciation and love. Easier said than done, it takes time and effort and in your busy daily schedule, it becomes quite tedious to do the stuff yourself, and to even mail at their address. Fret not, ‘cos ink cards app does the job for you, and here’s how. To add to the convenience is some Ink Cards App Promo Codes and Coupons for you. Read on to get them.

Ink Cards App - Discounts

With and average rating of 4.5/5 from more than 3,000 ratings, this Ink Cards App is one popular way most people send out cards to their loved ones. There are more than 500,00 downloads on Playstore for this particular app. That simply speaks for itself when it comes to getting the job done. And promo codes add the fun to it!

In Cards App Promo Codes and Discount Coupons

So we will see in more details how to use this app later. But as we promised, let’s get down to noting some useful promo codes and Discount Coupons of Ink Cards App.



These are the 2 promo codes available right now. You can use them to get good discounts on your Ink Cards App usage. Now, as said before, let’s see what the Ink Cards App does and how to use it to send cards out to your loved ones with convenience.

Download & Install Ink Cards App from Playstore

First and foremost, you can get Ink Cards from Playstore. Here’s the direct link to download Ink Cards Android App.
Once downloaded, it’ll automatically install on your phone.
Next step is the interesting part.
Go ahead and open the app, create and send cards straight from your phone to your lucky recipient’s mailbox. For a more personalized touch, you have the option to add an embossed envelope and upgrade to our thicker matte cardstock.
You can even ship a pack of personalized cards to yourself—ideal for custom photo holiday cards and thank you cards. Cool, right?
You can send cards for a number of special occasions such as Birthday, Holiday, Wedding, Father’s day or Mother’s day, Friendship day and a lot more.
Ink Cards App Promo Codes & Discounts

What are Ink Cards?

Ink Cards are real and unique mail cards printed on thick, glossy 5×7-inch cardstock at a resolution of 300 dpi. (That’s printing-nerd-speak for “super detailed on really nice paper”.) And they cost just $2 each (with free postage!). Upgrade to a premium card to mail your card in an envelope with a thicker matte card. Easily purchase with Google Pay, PayPal or your credit card. That’s where you can use those Ink Card App Promo Codes and Coupons we posted above, clever right?

Important Details about Ink Cards

Ink Cards – as convenient as they can be, there are some important information you need to know. Your Ink Cards will be delivered to the U.S. and Canada in 3-7 business days and to anywhere else in the world in one to three weeks. You must be assured to know that your Card packs are delivered in just days to anywhere in the U.S. Additionally, you can also receive email and push notifications to know when your card has been ordered and shipped. It’s guaranteed.
The Ink Cards App is free to download from Playstore. You only have to pay if you want to upgrade where you will have access to more features and personalisation.


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