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Get the best discount codes for your order at Flaskap. Discount codes are updated weekly.

Here are some active discount codes

What is Flaskap ?

Everybody has tumbler in this day and age and all things considered. They keep your beverages super cold far longer than an ordinary cup can. There has been little development into tumbler covers, as of not long ago. The FlasKap is the most development cover I have run over.

The FlasKap is a cover that fits up to 40 diverse tumbler models available. What makes this cover unique is that it can really hold up to 5 ounces of your beloved soul.

This progressions the game! Presently don’t do you need to convey a substantial cooler, or jug around with you. Presently don’t do you need to stress over regions where glass is disallowed. You just hit the button on the highest point of the FlasKap to clean your beverage up.

How to use Flaskap ?

You can utilize the FlasKap with a wide assortment of tumblers, one of which you may currently possess, or request your FlasKap with a SIC tumbler. When you get your FlasKap you will see a fold on the top that you open to empty your beloved soul into the repository to the fill line.

Click the fold to a got position and afterward head out for some good times. At the point when you run out of your beverage simply pour some a greater amount of your beloved blender in to the cup and press the button on the highest point of the FlasKap.

Each press of the button discharges around 1 ounce of the soul you added. Assuming you need a twofold hit the button twice.

Contemplate the conceivable outcomes from strolling around the rear end, to pool day, to different capacities where you might have to utilize prudence.

About shipping at Flaskap

Shipping is free on all orders over $50. Below this amount, shipping costs $5.99.
If you want to receive your order faster, you can opt for Fedex when you place your order. Currently, they do not offer international shipping.

They only ship in the US and it takes between 3 to 8 days to arrive to your home. Flaskap offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So you can return any product you are not happy with.

How to apply a discount on ?

To apply a discount code to your order, you must first add items into your cart. Once you add items to your cart, click on “View Shopping Cart”. This will lead you to a new window where you will find the Discount Code box. Type the Discount Code here, then click on “Apply”. Once this is complete, you may then proceed with successfully placing your order and checkout.

flaskap discount codes

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