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CSL Plasma Coupon Get $20 Extra [October 2023]-New Bonus & Rewards

Get 100% working CSL Plasma coupon codes here and help people live happier, healthier and longer lives together with attractive rewards. Not just $5, you can get $20 for your donations at CSL Plasma. Read on to find out how.

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HOT!! Here’s your coupon code to get $20. Please note that you can get $10 on your first donation and another $10 on your second one. So you get a donor bonus coupon of $20 in total.

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Use this printable coupon or show from your mobile device to any CSL team members on your first donation and get $6 bonus. This coupon is EXCLUSIVELY for new donors!

->Coupon is only redeemable for per person per use.

->Fees may vary by market.

->Offer strictly excludes for CSL employees.


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Use this printable coupon or show from your mobile devices to any CSL team members on your NEXT donation & get an extra bonus. This coupon is EXCLUSIVELY for returning donors!

-Coupon is for one-time use for one person.

-Fees may vary by market.

-Offer strictly excludes for CSL employees.

**[All Coupons Valid Till the End of October 2023]

Use these 100% working CSL Plasma coupon codes and earn while contributing for the noble cause. Save lives, brighten smiles! There cannot be anything better than that.

NOTE: All credits for the above pictures goes to CSLPlasma official website. Also you can visit that site to download those coupons if you need a more clear picture.


Following coupon codes for CSL Plasma got expired or may not working anymore. But still, we can’t completely ignore those as 50% rare chances are there that they may work. Why can’t you give them a try ?

  • CSLFIRST – Use this plasma coupon $5 off on your next donation at any location!
  • DONORFIRST – Use this coupon code to get additional bonus & rewards!

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What Is CSL Plasma All About?

csl plasma coupons codes

CSL Plasma Inc., headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, is one of the leaders among the plasma collectors of the world. Dedicated to innovate and excel in everything we do, our work helps to ensure healthy lives to thousands of people.

CSL Plasma is a division of CSL Behring which is a plasma protein therapeutics company.

They manufactures and sells various plasma-derived therapies that help people live healthy, happy and long lives. CSL Limited is its parent company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Become a part of CSL Plasma’s pledge that has so far raised $140,000. It is easy to be a part of CSL Plasma’s reward program and earn up to $400. Use the CSL Plasma codes and coupons provided above to avail benefits.

Why is Plasma Important?

About 55% of the human blood is plasma, a straw-coloured liquid that carries some crucial components of the blood like red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Around 90% of plasma is water and the rest 10% is comprised of various salts, proteins, sugar and clotting factors. Being a carrier for some important elements of blood, plasma is valuable to treat patients of numerous rare and life-threatening diseases like haemophilia, trauma, immune deficiencies and other blood disorders.

How Can I Donate?

You are already half way as you make up your mind to donate. To complete your donation, you can start by looking up the nearest CSL centre. Next, you can visit the chosen centre, without any appointment, during its operational hours. Most of the centres work seven days a week.

Do not forget to bring a valid form of identification, proof of residency, and proof of a social security number. After the general and physical screening of your medical history and vitals by a medical officer, your eligibility to donate plasma is decided. Finally, eligibility decisions of all your donations, including temporary or permanent deferrals, are executed by your Center Manager. Hence, there are no reversals.

The plasma is collected using a process called plasmapheresis. We use a special high-tech methodology that separates the plasma from the blood and the rest of the contents are transferred back to you. The collection process normally takes approximately 90 minutes. Once the donation process is completed, you will be compensated for your donation.

Where Can I Donate Plasma?

You can donate plasma in any of their selected centers across US & AUS. But make sure you are eligible to donate. Keep reading below, you gonna find answers.

What Are Other CSL Plasma Bonus You Must Check Out?

What else can make you happier than saving someone’s life? So, simply donate plasma for saving or improving someone’s life. Give people the gift of health. The plasma that you donate is used to cure patients that need plasma-derived therapies for treating their illnesses.

In addition to inner satisfaction, you also get compensated for donating your plasma. An eligible donor can make up to $400 a month.

  1. The iGive Rewards is the donor loyalty program of CSL Plasma. So when you donate, you earn some credit points. You can either choose to redeem the credits for a cash payout or special Deal of the Day or gift cards.
  2. CSL Plasma Rewards – You can also choose to load your payment directly into your reloadable prepaid card after you complete your donation. The more you donate, the more points you receive and you acquire higher status: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Few Safety Precautions While Donating!

It is safe to donate the plasma of your blood. As per the US FDA, you can donate if your age is between 18-65 years. The frequency of your donation can be once in a two-day-period and not more than twice in a seven-day-period.

CSL Plasma Donation

The supplies used while collecting your plasma are sterile and are discarded after one use. Hence, this ensures safety.

Donating something was never so much rewarding. If you donate through CSL Plasma, you not only have the joy of helping an unwell being but also have the rewards in terms of cash. You can now earn an extra bonus and upgrade your card by donating in October. So look for the nearest center now.


What can be nobler than contributing to save lives? CSL Plasma helps save precious lives each year by bridging the gap between donors and those in dire need. Become a donor this October 2023 and feel the warmth of love and compassion.

Your one step can put a smile on someone’s face.

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