BioLife Promo Codes & Coupons Pay Upto $700[10/2021]

Saving lives can be rewarding too. If you have been searching for the latest and current BioLife promo codes, we have just the right ones for you. BioLife Promo Codes are one of the most sought after promo codes nowadays because it pays upto $300, $350, $500 or even upto $700 for new donors.

So we would like to share some of those promo codes with you. Now that we believe we’ve got you all excited, let’s show you how you can get these benefits. #Just click or Copy Paste below codes and coupons to get attractive offers.

DONOR700 – Use this coupon code to get up to $700 for new donors. You will get the total amount in 8 donations.

Biolife Promotion $700 for New donors

DONOR300 – Use this Biolife promotion code to receive successive discounts on your donations. Biolife’s discount plan entails $50 reward on first donation, $60 compensation on second one, $50 on third, $60 on fourth and $80 reward on the fifth time you donate blood plasma.

**[The Above Coupon is Valid Till the End of February 2024]

Hurry! Apply these plasma coupons now before it gets expired or invalid.

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These Biolife Promo Codes we share on CouponVPS are 100% working, tried & tested!

How To Get Your BioLife Donor Bonus

Here are 3 simple steps by which you can get your BioLife Donor Bonus.

  1. Save the coupon codes we shared above. You can either print them or save them on your smartphone.
  2. Create an Account at BioLife Plasma Website. Follow this link to create your account.
  3. Present the coupon code at the time of donation.

Save Life & Receive Money With BioLife Debit Card

BioLife plasma donors spend up to an hour and a half, as often as twice a week, in their centers to help save someone’s life or improve the quality of it. That’s probably the best thing anyone could do, right?

Plasma cannot be produced synthetically. It can only be obtained from healthy adults; therefore BioLife offers compensation to their donors for their commitment to the program.

BioLife Debit Card

Compensation to BioLife donors is provided in the form of a debit card. It allows donors direct access to funds they have available on their account. The BioLife Debit Card is a like a prepaid card, which is loaded each time a donor donates plasma at one of their local BioLife Plasma Service centers. It can be used to make purchases wherever Mastercard debit cards are accepted and at over 900,000 ATM locations worldwide.

Donating blood plasma is indeed a noble cause. Join Biolife in their mission to save lives. Use BioLife Promo Codes provided above to get rewards and compensations on your donation. All you need to do is just log into their online system and schedule yourself for donation at your nearest center.

BioLife Promo Codes & Printable Coupons [Unverified]

Even though the following are expired codes, there is no harm in trying them again and again. Who knows they may still be working? So do give a try.

  • CRAIGSLIST300: This BioLife coupon fetches you a total of $300 on first five donations. This details of the plan are as follows: $50 on first and third time donations, $60 on second and fourth time donations and finally $80 compensation for the fifth time you donate blood plasma.
  • Get upto $500 in compensation for donation. Copy the following donor coupon code.

biolife printable coupon

Save this picture and print it to receive $500 compensation for BioLife blood plasma donation.

What Is BioLife Plasma All About? – CouponVPS Review

biolife promo codes plasma servicesBioLifePlasma is one of the most reputed biotechnology companies working in the field of life saving plasma therapies. Their numerous successfully operating plasma centers across USA and Austria are committed to providing high quality plasma based therapies to patients.

As a part of the leading global biotechnology company, SHPG- NASDAQ (Shire), BioLife has taken the pledge to ensure maximum safety of their donors as well as patients who are on the receiving end of plasma therapies.

BioLife erupted from the idea to provide quality and highly specialized services to people suffering from rare conditions. Rare disease often go undiagnosed and are misunderstood.

To bridge this gap, BioLife took the onus upon itself to assist people dealing with rare life threatening diseases.

BioLife has been delivering breakthrough therapies to millions of people across the world, who are in dire need of specialized assistance in case of rare diseases. BioLife has helped such people live their lives with as much ease as possible. You can help save lives by donating and using these BioLife promo codes and coupons too. What’s more? They are rewarding!

What Services Does BioLife Plasma Provide ?

  • BioLife extends its services to critical health areas like severe skin burns, hemophilia, immunity disorders and other such rare life threatening conditions. Apart from core donor and patient functions, they have dedicated space for health and nutrition tips/ assistance.
  • They also offer BioLife Debit card that works as a compensation system at BioLife for plasma donations. With this card, you can withdraw cash at any ATM with the matching logo as on your card (Visa or MasterCard). The first in-network transaction is free of cost. This in-network includes all points and Money Pass.
  • To encourage donation, BioLife also provides supervised playrooms for kids. This is to ensure you can peacefully donate without having tow sorry about what your kids may be up to at home.
  • Enthusiastic, energetic and attentive playroom attendants ensure that your kids are fully absorbed in activities while you donate blood plasma. There are specially planned fun and interactive activities for each age group of children. And all this in a perfectly clean and sanitized premises.
  • The range of activities at BioLife playrooms includes coloring, games, reading, movies, crafts, and toys for every age group. However, there are a few rules regarding the use of these playrooms. You can take kids between the age group of 6 months to 12 year olds with you for donation ad while you donate, your kids would play under the supervision of attendants. You will have to sign up in the parent’s/ guardian’s column for each of your child individually.
  • If your child is suffering from any communicable disease, please do not take him or her with you to BioLife donation center. For the fear of contamination, BioLife doesn’t allow carrying any food or drink into the premises. In case your child wears diapers, please carry an extra set for change with you.

How Does BioLife Plasma Works ?

BioLife works on the easy to understand the mechanism of donating blood plasma. Blood plasma is a crucial life saver in several conditions and cannot be prepared artificially. To bridge this gap of demand and supply, BioLife encourages donors to donate blood plasma in lieu of compensation, which is generally in form of cash.

Biolife Coupons upto 700

You might wonder what exactly is blood plasma and why is it important? Now we will get into the facts below.

Blood and BioLife – Interesting Facts

  1. A human body contains about 12 pints of blood. There is a pale yellow liquid part of the blood known as plasma, which is made up of mainly proteins and water. Blood plasma plays a crucial role in controlling bleeding and thwarting infection.
  2. BioLife collects this blood plasma and process it in wide array of applications of life saving therapies that has benefitted millions of patients across the world.
  3. These plasma centric therapies are crucial in the treatment of life threatening disorders such as haemophilia, treat victims of burns, deep shocks, immunity disorders, and immune system deficiencies etc. BioLife actively encourages plasma donation because it can never be created in laboratories. The only way to procure blood plasma is to obtain it from healthy individuals.
  4. Thus, plasma donations actually save several lives. To donate blood plasma, you can reach any of the centres located at Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Utah, North Dakota, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota, Missouri, Michigan, Iowa, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia and Florida.

BioLife Company’s Vision

BioLife carries the vision to become the world’s leading plasma supplying company. To ensure this, they recognize and encourage each one of their donors via reward and compensation system. They value each of their employee and their contribution. At BioLife, all processes are efficient, reliable and innovative.

About BioLife’s Mission

  • BioLife is on a mission to provide relief to millions of patients, suffering from rare diseases worldwide, by extending highest quality plasma.
  • They make life saving procedures easily available to patients.

FAQs on BioLife Debit Card

1. How do I contact Wirecard customer service?

Telephone: 888-472-0099

2. Are there fees associated with using the BioLife card?

Yes. However, you can easily avoid them by reading these points. Here are some common fees but remember to check the materials that came with your card for a complete list.

  • ATM – the first withdrawal following each plasma donation is surcharge free. However, if you perform a second withdrawal prior to completing another donation, there will be a $2.25 fee.
  • ATM – There is a $1 fee to check your card balance at an ATM. Use one of the other four free ways to check your balance instead.
  • Card Replacement – If you lose your card and have it replaced in the center, there is a $4.95 fee for the replacement.
  • Point of Sale Purchase (Signature and PIN) – No fee.
  • Over-the-counter Bank Cash Withdrawal – $2.95 fee.

3. Can I make restaurant purchases using my BioLife Card? 

Yes. However, keep in mind some restaurants will temporarily “authorize” your card for 20% more than the purchase amount in order to cover gratuity. Make sure your card balance is sufficient to cover the authorized amount; since the system can decline your transaction. Once the transaction settles, your account history will reflect the actual amount of transaction and your balance will be adjusted automatically.

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