Vultr Coupon [April 2024] – Save Upto $100+ For New Accounts!

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****No Active Coupon Codes Found****

Vultr Coupon Codes [RECENTLY EXPIRED]

Below you can find few expired coupons for Vultr. Still, we recommend you to give a shot.

  • GET DEAL – This Vultr promo coupon discount will double your credit, Up to $100! This promotion is available for a limited time, so act fast before it’s too late!
  • NGINX20 – Add $20 free credit to your account by entering this coupon code during or after signup. You will receive the credit after funding your account; Credit card and PayPal only. This credit can be used toward all Vultr VPS servers and one-click apps! This credit will expire after 30 days!
  • NGI20 – Get Vultr Discount 20% Off NOW!
  • SSDVPS – This Vultr coupon will give you free $27 using VPS server active and latest currently!
  • OWNCLOUD – Get $20 free on Vultr account

What Is All About?

vultr coupon code

As we know that, Vultr is now the largest VPS Server provider in the world with 14 locations worldwide and always offer big discounts all the time.

All Vultr VPS systems and data centers are now using the latest generation Intel Chipset with maximum RAM deployment up to 64GB, 24 CPU Cores and 10Gbps Network Port Speed.

How Many VPS Series Are There in Vultr at Present?

Currently, Vultr has 3 VPS series below:

Performance Series: This is common series for almost users, focus on efficiency by using SSD driver with high performance CPU, this series has 14 locations worldwide

Storage Series: This is optimized for storage purpose with huge SATA drivers, they have 2 locations: New Jersey and one added Los Angeles

Multi-core Series: This is used for larger systems that need several server resources, CPU and RAM

Vultr Locations coupon code


How To Add Fund to Vultr Account?

Simply create an account at Vultr. When you fund your account they will match dollar for dollar up to $100 of your Initial Funding


Vultr hosting

Note: Vultr coupon codes apply to new accounts only. So that if you want to join, then you need to create a new account and this new one should not have the same information with your old accounts, if so, both your account will be suspended. You can ask your friends or your family members to help

Adding fund process is very simple and can be done in 3 simple steps. Check the image below:


You can use this free credit for 12 months and they’ll deduct from both your main credit and free credit monthly till the free credit is exhausted (50% main credit & 50% free credit monthly). This is a big discount ever, you can add fund with $100 and you will get more $100, it’s total ~ $200.

This promotion does not apply for old accounts. So create a new one now. With many old accounts, you will receive 20% off for all compute plans.

Also, In the previous post, we introduced they’d given FREE $3 Twitter for new accounts, may be that event is still running now.

Vultr coupon code gives you free $20 for new accounts latest and active currently. This is the latest Vultr coupon code in this year till now. This coupon is offered when Vultr introduces new solution ownCloud. Do you want to try Vultr ownCloud?

vultr coupon code free 20 usd
ownCloud is a one-stop solution that gives you control over your data on the web.

Your Cloud, Your Way

Being able to access your files from anywhere is just the beginning. ownCloud comes bundled with tools to help organize you on the web. Need to edit a file in a hurry? Try the built-in document editor. Can’t remember if you have somewhere to go this evening? Log into ownCloud and check your calendar. It can be tedious to manage your contacts from different devices – manage them from a single portal instead.

Share With Anyone

One of the most prominent features in ownCloud is the ability to upload a file from one of your devices, then share it with a friend or colleague. Sharing is made easy by generating URL links to your files. Your peer will be able to download the file immediately by clicking the share link. For those with security in mind, rest assured – ownCloud has you covered. You can password-protect download links, set expiration dates on them, or even set up user accounts to access them.

Vultr VPS Features

  • Resilient Infrastructure with 100% SSD Storage: Combine 100% SSD storage with our low latency worldwide network to deploy virtual machines with similar or greater performance than legacy bare-metal at a significantly lower cost!
  • Ultra Fast Intel Cores: Vultr utilizes latest Generation 100% Intel CPUs and never over provisions them. You can count on consistent CPU performance at all times, in ALL of our data centers.
  • 14 Low Latency Locations: As soon as your order is placed, our deployment system takes over and spins up your instance in your desired datacenter – typically within 60 seconds.
  • Feature-Rich Control Panel: Take control of your VMs directly from our dedicated customer portal. Many features are available with one-click: Restart, Reboot, Reinstall, Reimage, View Console and more!
  • Root Administrator Access: All virtual machines come with full “root” access and a dedicated IP address. Your instance will look and feel like a dedicated server but for a fraction of the price!

Don’t forget, ownCloud is more than just a website. Clients for desktop and mobile are offered for all major platforms. Start running your cloud, today!

See technical details about this app on Vultr Docs.

Good luck to you!


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