Vultr coupon codes – Free $3 Twitter and Free 50GB Block Storage latest in 2017

Vultr coupon codes – Free $3 Twitter and Free 50GB Block Storage

Vultr coupon codes – Free $3 Twitter and Free 50GB Block Storage. As I know that almost Vultr coupons were expired and inactive recently. So that, this is the only active promotion from Vultr hosting this month. At this event, you will have a chance to receive free $3 with your Twitter account and free 50GB Block Storage

This event is limited applying for both old accounts and new accounts register at Vultr. You need to verify your new account by deposit via Paypal or Visa/Master first before receiving this promotion.

  • Free $3 with your Twitter account
  • Free 50GB Block Storage

Get $3 free with Twitter account

If you don’t have any account on Vultr, don’t worry, just simply register one here. Once registering one, you login to your account and go to this promotion page, then the page appears like the image below

In my case at the image, I’ve claimed all 3 items above so that the buttons become grey color. If you haven’t claimed it yet then the color is blue. Each item you claim, you will get $1 free

  • Verify your Twitter account. Press the button “Verify your Twitter
  • Follow @Vultr on Twitter. Press the button “Follow @Vultr
  • Tweet about Vultr. Press the button “Tweet

In order to get all $3 free, you need to do all 3 items above.

Get 50GB free Block Storage

This promotion is being given away for both old accounts and new accounts too. If you don’t have, just simply register a new one here

After logging to the account at Vultr, you need to go to the Server menu on the left panel and choose Block Storage tab as the image below

Add the blue button “Add Block Storage” to add the new secondary storage to your account. Then name your new block storage in the Label field and press the button again to create the storage. You need to wait some minutes to finish.

After finishing the new secondary storage, you need to attach it to your existing instance to use. You can read the detail instruction from Vultr here. With this 50GB free block storage, you can use it to backup your databases, files or any testing purpose you want.

* This special discount applied only to the new customers

Vultr Features

  • 100% SSD Storage
    Combine 100% SSD storage with our low latency worldwide network to deploy virtual machines with similar or greater performance than legacy bare-metal at significantly lower cost!
  • Ultra Fast Intel Cores
    Vultr utilizes latest gen 100% Intel CPUs and never over provisions them. You can count on consistent CPU performance at all times, in ALL of our datacenters.
  • 14 Low Latency Locations
    As soon as your order is placed, our deployment system takes over and spins up your instance in your desired datacenter – typically within 60 seconds. Read more at https /
  • Feature-Rich Control Panel
    Take control of your VMs directly from our dedicated customer portal. Many features are available with one-click: Restart, Reboot, Reinstall, Reimage, View Console and more!
  • Root Administrator Access
    All virtual machines come with full “root” access and a dedicated IP address. Your instance will look and feel like a dedicated server but for a fraction of the price!

Good luck to you,