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Receive gems for free – Yes! You read that right. To receive gems for free- simply visit the Smite website, play games there and compete the tasks assigned.

Free GOD+Skin – No promo codes required. Just like or follow game Smite on different Social Media channels. You will get rewarded!

**[All Coupons Valid Till the End Of November 2023]

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Keep up to date on the latest developments in the game, collect more info about your favorite game character/ God, and stay connected with your friends. You can download the game and make use of discount coupons/ promo codes provided by us and get the items you need to stay ahead in the game.

Smite Promo Codes, Coupons, Discount Codes and Gems – [RECENTLY EXPIRED]

Try your hard luck by checking out each and every coupons & promo below. It sometimes works or may not work.

  • Free 3500 Gems – Complete a quick survey to win bonus rewards. Hurry up before others get there!
  • swcfinals2016 or swcfinals2016 – You just need to paste this code and win rewards. Hi-Rez, the game developer, is offering Odyssey chest rolls- daily and that too for FREE!
  • SMITELOVE and SMITESKINS – Use both the coupons, at the checkout counter, to avail 15% discount on gems ordered through Markee Dragon store.
  • watchswcday3 – Use this promo code to get 5% off on a minimum order of $50.
  • 10% Off – If you are new to the game, create your account and avail first timer’s free 1500 golds through this coupon code.
  • amaterasu1– Would you like to boost your reward, after winning a battle, by ×2 ? Well, who wouldn’t? Use this coupon code to boost your winning reward. Please remember, this coupon code can be used only once by one account.

What Is Smite Gaming All About?

smite promo codes & smite coupons

Smite is a war arena-based online game, built by Hi- Rez Studios and is supported by platforms like Mac OS, Xbox, PlayStation 4, Windows.

Smite revolves around a God figure/ Mythological character, selected by the player, which enters the war arena to fight and defeat opponents. Each God has a unique ability that develops with time and experience level.

Players are divided into two teams with each team consisting of 5 participants. A wide range of modes is available to make the game even more interesting.

The game is very engaging and each day you learn a new surprising fact about the game. However, you will need codes and promos to activate certain items and gems in the game.

Throughout the battle, player enters enemy’s buildings and has to safely get through them. The ultimate goal is to kill Titan, which is the last stage of the game. After you have killed Titan, the game is over and you won.

What is Different About Smite?

Smite gaming is very different from other Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. Unlike the usual process of controlling players through mouse operations, Smite offers the convenience of player controls through W,S,D and A keys.  Also, as a player, you would see your character from behind and not above, as it is usually done in other games.


The Concept of Smite Gold, Gem, Stones and Skin

Although the general usage of Smite is free, it makes use of micro paying concept where each player has to run and collect runic books for some Valor points. These Valor points are collected by playing certain games.

Each player character, that is God, has a certain ability that needs to be developed in order to reach higher levels. Here comes in the role of Gold and items. The God player character becomes stronger with Gold and items. Gold is the prime transactional currency of the game, with which the player can purchase skin, clothes, gems, equipment and various other such utility items. Thus, Gold directly impacts the endurance, power, and strength of the God character.

In order to have Gold, you need to finish off hostile characters, such as minions or spend some real money. While killing hostile characters without much power isn’t easy, you most definitely would need to purchase Gold for real money. And if you have no money to spend on the game, use our vouchers and coupon codes.

Stones are needed to get the Gods quicker and faster. After you have collected enough gems and gold, you can trade them for numerous utility items like defense and magical powers.

Don’t get disheartened! There is an alternative way to earn skins and gems, absolutely free. You need to win arena battles for this and emerge victorious in championships. Also, if your friends have spare gems, they can donate them to you.

How To Unlock Latest Smite Coupon Codes & Discounts?

  • Activating Smite Coupon Codes & Discounts is very simple. You just need to visit their website and log into your account. Once you see the ‘Store’ or ‘Redeem code’ button on the main screen click on it. A promotional box would open up in which you have to enter the Smite coupon code. Click on enter to enjoy the newly activated items and use them to your advantage to stay ahead in the game.
  • However, a word of advice for you. Exercise caution and read the terms and conditions carefully before hitting the submit button. This safeguards your account from accidental failures and account bans.
  • Few coupons can be used to purchase a membership or buy gold. Such coupons are added at the checkout counter. Additionally, follow Smite’s Twitter and Facebook pages to participate in contests, free giveaways and stay updated with the latest developments.

How To Generate Smite Skins & Gems For Free?

Generators run on the concept of fetching unused coupon or discount codes from the database. You can use any generators avail online to grab hold of unlimited Smite skins and gems for absolutely FREE. Enter the platform you use and username, into any generator, to get the access of skins and gems. Hurry up before others utilize this option and exhaust all the choices!

Use the promo codes and coupons for Smite provided above to your advantage and get ahead in the game.

Thanks for visiting Hope you have fun!

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