ServerMania Coupon Code 30% Off for Cloud Servers Active & Latest in May 2017

ServerMania Coupon Code 30% Off for Cloud Servers Active & Latest in May 2017
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ServerMania Coupon Code 30% Off for Cloud Servers Active Currently

ServerMania coupon code will save you 30% Off for Cloud Servers active in this year currently. These are latest promotions from ServerMania server provider. Don’t know the expired day. So you need hurry up to get yours now!

At Server Mania, they believe that Empowerment should be within every client’s reach, regardless of the budget or service requirements. That’s why they’ve always provided their customers with cutting-edge technology, backed by superior customer service and at a price all businesses can afford.

ServerMania Coupon Discount Code 20% Off Dedicated Servers

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ServerMania is currently one of the most cheapest servers in the hosting market, they’re providing Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers and Hybrid Servers with all high quality and services. They’re also offering many ServerMania coupons for their customers in order to save them a lot of money.

ServerMania Coupon Discount Code

ServerMania Key Products

  • Dedicated Servers
    A physical server that’s devoted entirely to a single client. With dedicated hosting, you have complete control over every aspect of your hosting solution, ranging from what hardware you’re running to the apps that hardware powers. Our affordable Dedicated Servers are powered by enterprise grade hardware, offering you the ability to fully customize your add-ons and come standard with a 1 Gbps network port.
  • Cloud Servers
    Cloud servers rely on a network of servers for its resources rather than a single server. Rapid deployment and elasticity are the main benefits of the cloud hosting services, compared to traditional hosting delivery models.
  • Hybrid Servers
    A hybrid server is a new kind of dedicated server that offers both the power of a dedicated server and the flexibility of cloud computing with instant deployment. Hybrid Servers offer server users the flexibility they’ve come to expect from virtualized environments — instant deploys and one-click OS reloads — without compromising on power.

About ServerMania Coupon


  • Founded in 2002
  • Based in Toronto, Ontario & Buffalo, New York
  • Four (4) data centers in North America
  • 24/7/365 Superior Support Fleet with a 15 Minute Response Time
  • Live Sales Chat
  • Rush Delivery Options
  • Save up to 15% instantly by selecting a prepayment term
  • 100% Uptime SLA (
  • Enterprise-Grade Hardware, Western Digital SATA and Intel SSD’s!
  • FREE IPMI/Console Access with ALL Servers!
  • Personal Service Approach via Account Managers

Data Center Specifications

  • Level 1 Payment Card Industry (PCI) Service Provider
  • SSAE16 Type II & SAS70 Type II
  • Safe Harbor Certified
  • CDSA Content Protection and Security Standard Certified
  • Dual 10 Gbit Uplinks on EVERY Rack Cabinet
  • Multi-homed, fully redundant network
  • Juniper Cores, Brocade Rack Level Switches
  • Microsoft Certified Hosting Partner
  • Strategically located in Buffalo, New York, Chicago, Illinois, Los Angeles, California & Atlanta, Georgia
  • Over 200 Gbps of Connectivity

Contact ServerMania

Thanks for your interest in Server Mania! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our company, check out the information below. We’d love to hear from you.

ServerMania Coupon Code 30% Off for Cloud Servers Active & Latest

Corporate Address

Unit 2B, 560 Arvin Avenue
Stoney Creek, Ontario
Canada, L8E 5P1


(BR) 55-1340404526
(UK) 44-8444849567
(MX) 55-8-526-2733

Self Help Knowledge Base

Questions & Answers

Toll-Free USA / Canada

  • 1-888-237-6637
  • (USA) 716-745-4678
  • (CAN) 647-846-0310
  • (FAX) 416-352-1834

Follow us

Contact by Email

  • – Server sales / pre-purchase inquiries.
  • – Billing inquiries.
  • – All related technical support.
  • – Legal Department & Abuse Complaints.

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