Godaddy Registrar and 11 Things You Need to Know About

Godaddy Registrar and 11 Things you need to know about. As all guys know that currently, Godaddy registrar is known as the world’s largest domain name registrar and hosting provider. So that buying domains & hosting at them is worth value for money and you don’t have to worry about things such as price, security, support,…and many others

Their price policy is one of the best things ever if you’re in the domain industry and compare to other guys in the same market. If you’re new to this market then maybe you don’t know about this policy or their services and products. Therefore, I will introduce you on 11 things about this famous domain name registrar below

Godaddy Registrar & 11 Things You Need to Know About

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1. Bulk Domain Name Search

This feature comes to you first when you go to their homepage and make a search. In case you want to search several domain names, this enables you to search maximum 500 domain names at once. It’s really helpful for many domain investors. They can choose domain extension they want and just make a search. And more if you buy more than 6+ domain names, you will be got discounted 31% on total orders. Find your domains now!

2. Godaddy 99 cent coupons

This is really a huge and attractive discount from Godaddy registrar. If you’re a new customer at them and you’ve never use this coupon type before then you can buy .COM domain just only for $0.99 with 99 cents coupon. There’re many, you can find and choose one to use here.

3. Godaddy Domain Discount Club

This is a very useful feature, especially for guys who have several domains at Godaddy registrar, example a domain name investor with hundreds of domain. When joining this GDDC, you can always get the lowest price whenever you need to renew them, usually 40% off or even more, so that you don’t need to use any other coupon to renew your domains & hosting.

4. Web hosting just only for $1

This promotion is really good, besides the cheapest hosting price, you can also get free .COM domain when buying with annual plans. So you will get your hosting + free domain for just only $12/year, for the 1st year. That’s really a good price now. You can get that coupon here.

5. Website builder just only for $1

Like the discount for web hosting $1, you can also build your own website at Godaddy just only for $1/mo + Free domain. This also applies when you buy 1 year plan. Get their coupon here

6. Managed WordPress hosting just only for $1

This promotion also give you more 1 free domain name if you purchase annual managed WordPress hosting plan. And much more if you buy with coupon, you will receive just only for $1/mo, for 12 month = $12. That’s enough for almost business website such as personal blogs, company sites, news sites, or small/medium eCommerce site.

7. Domain Name Auctions

This is also a useful feature, with this, people can buy & sell domains via bidding on public auctions at Godaddy registrar. If you’ve already have an account at Godaddy then you can join these auctions with just only around $5/year. Many domain investors are selling & buying on this platform. Many domain registrars also do that to get good domain names then sell them again to end users.

8. Godaddy SSL certificates

SSL – A Secure Sockets Layer certificate, this feature guarantees that your personal information will be secure via internet. Basically, this will encrypt your personal information before transmitting them on the network to website servers. Your personal information such as your name, your credit card, your password, your address,…and many more.

9. Godaddy Renewal Coupons

As all you know that, nowadays Godaddy registrar does not offer renewal coupons as many like before they did. So that many of you guys must renew them with regular price, that’s a little bit higher than before. However, there’re 2 methods still active currently that will help you much. View detail here. Godaddy also allows you renew your domains & hosting by manual or automatic at anytime you want. When you make a renew, your extend days will be added.

10. Private Domain Name

Godaddy offers you to buy this feature in order to hide your real information. This will help you to avoid spamming, hacking or other guys steal your information for unwanted actions. You can buy personal privacy or business privacy depend on you business. Godaddy is also offering this feature just only $2 and $3 for the 1st year.

11. They have effective support

Godaddy registrar also have a good support team via their live chatbox and ticket system. Almost your questions will be answered quickly and right. That’s a good point for this registrar. You can contact them any time at anywhere. They’ll help you.


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And there’re many more promotions that I don’t list them in this article, you can register one account on them and research more. However, always remember that you should find & use coupons before buying anything at Godaddy, this will save you a lot of money at the first time purchasing.

Good luck to you,