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If you are launching a new business aren’t willing to invest in the more expensive hosting options, FatCow is a decent option for you.

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What Is All About?

fatcow coupon code is a web Hosting brand that commenced in the year 1998.

They offer budget-friendly hosting for domains with high performance and a broad spectrum of hosting services.

FatCow is a user-friendly brand that focuses specifically on beginners or DIY bloggers who wish to save some bucks and are here trying out their skills as site owners.

FatCow provides unlimited emails, website builder and an array of other complimentary services.

They sum up 24 hours support and 30 days money back guarantee on payments done via credit cards only.


What Are Notable Features of FatCow Hosting?

If you expect the features of FatCow Hosting company to be very limited as they offer their service at such a reasonable rate, then you couldn’t have been more wrong. They offer power-packed features, and we have made a list of the most notable ones below->

  • Daily Server Backup– FatCow offers daily server backup with every plan, which is a great deal. However, you must keep in mind that they charge separately for restoring backups.
  • Uptime- the uptime for any website is pretty much important and crucial for its ranking. FatCow guarantees 99% uptime, which is decent at the given price.
  • Control Panel – The control panel of FatCow is built on VDeck. It has large icons and is simple yet effective. It’s control panel looks user-friendly and is easy to navigate through.
  • Customer Support– Having great customer support is always a huge plus point for any company. The customer support of FatCow is available 24×7. Should you run into any problem or have any query, their responsive support team which is available via live chat, phone, and online form submission is there for you.
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee– They offer a 30-day money back guarantee, but this is valid only for first-time customers who have paid via credit cards.
  • WordPress Hosting– You do not need to install WordPress separately. You can do it from FatCow hosting site itself.
  • Sitelock Security– This is an additional tool built by Sitelock. On the FatCow hosting site, you can add this security to your domain with a nominal price. It performs venerability scans, scans malware and blocks bot attacks.
  • Shared Hosting– In the ”Original FatCow Plan” you get to have shared hosting with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, number of domains and email accounts. This plan is an amazing deal for first-time site owners or low traffic sites.
  • Other Hosting Plans– The other types of more efficient hosting plants that FatCow offers is VPS Hosting and Dedicated hosting. You can go for these plans if your site has high Traffic, needs a lot of space and loading speed is of prime importance to you.

Other Features of FatCow

Other features also include the following:

  • Website Hosting … Our Bread Milk and Butter
  • 100% Wind-Powered Web Hosting
  • Point & Click Site Building Tools
  • Application Installation Wizards
  • Online Store and Selling Tools
  • Search Engine and Marketing Advertising Credits
  • Friendly Moo Crew Support
  • Cloud Storage


How Does FatCow Hosting Work?

FatCow coupon codes

The working mechanism of FatCow is very much like other hosting service providers, such as GoDaddy, HostGator or Bluehost. You have to register and link your domain to the hosting site via various simple steps, and your website will be functional within 24 hours.

Who Should opt for FatCow Hosting?

People who are just stepping into the arena of blogging and or e-commerce sites with low traffic should consider FatCow as a viable option. This hosting provider gives decent service at a reasonable rate.

If you want a user-friendly hosting provider, you can definitely go for FatCow, as their web page layout is pretty simple and easy to understand, even for laymen.

Good luck to you!


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