CommerceHQ vs Shopify–Which One is the Best?

In This Article We Will Do A Comprehensive Comparison Of CommerceHQ vs Shopify So You Can Decide Which Ecommerce Platform Is Most Suitable For You.

Shopify is a household name in e-commerce as it has been known for years as one of the best e-commerce platforms for creating an online store for dropshipping and a few other online businesses. Over the years, Shopify has served several online business owners and entrepreneurs and its popularity has not waned. However, just like in other businesses, there are several other high-quality competitors that are truly giving Shopify a run for its money. One of the relatively new platforms available today is CommerceHQ. We will take a look at CommerceHQ vs Shopify to help online business owners note their various features and the best choice between these two e-commerce platforms.

Similarly, this CommerceHQ vs Shopify article will provide more information on the advantages and disadvantages of these platforms, the costs, and lots more. Take your time to check out our detailed comparison.


CommerceHQ – You can get started with just $99 per month for the basic plan. Although this is better and more costly, the basic plan is good enough for most individuals that are just starting their e-commerce store. With the basic plan, online business owners can sell products up to about $30,000 per month. So, with less than $120, you can make as much as $360,000 per year.

Shopify – The basic plan for Shopify starts at $29 per month plus some additional fees that can help you get the most out of your Shopify store. If you are buying the yearly basic plan, Shopify will offer you a discount that will lower the price to about $26 each month. The Advanced Plan of Shopify goes for $299.00 per month and provides lots of features that optimize your online business.


CommerceHQ – This platform comes with a free app store. In other words, you can download all the awesome apps that you need to start and operate your online store without paying a dime. In addition, there is no need for you to configure these applications.

Shopify – When using Shopify, you have access to loads of third-party apps that you can buy at different prices. The majority of users do not consider the cost of these apps when signing up for Shopify and this could lead to a drastic increase in the cost of running their online store.


CommerceHQ – This e-commerce platform comes with several astounding built-in features that will help you maximize your online businesses. Some of the essential features of CommerceHQ include:

  • Automated Gift Cards
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • CVS Export Builder
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Staff Accounts
  • Inventory Management
  • 1-Click Upsells
  • 99% Uptime
  • Upset Campaign Builder
  • Native Apps
  • Related Products
  • Visual Store Builder
  • Currency Converter App
  • Coupon Codes
  • SSL Secure Checkout
  • Checkout Page

It is worthwhile to note that CommerceHQ does not have discount codes that are present on Shopify.

Shopify – Since there are different plans for Shopify, the features are not the same for all plans. The basic plan has only a few features while the advanced plan comes with all the amazing features that you need to take your e-commerce store to the next level. The features of all plans of Shopify include:

  • Unlimited online storage
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Staff accounts
  • Customer support
  • Online sales channels
  • Shopify point of sale
  • Discount codes
  • Manual order creation
  • Finance reports
  • Fraud analysis
  • Overview dashboard

You can also get third-party plugins for certain features such as:

  • Advanced Report Builder
  • Gift cards
  • Real-time carrier shipping


CommerceHQ – For those that are developers, they can make use of Twig to create a fully functional template that can be customized to suit their specific needs. However, if you cannot develop a website on your own, you can visit a theme store to select a template and use it for your store.

Shopify – It should be noted that Shopify does not offer you an option to use a template for the customization of your store. You have to choose one of the paid or free themes provided by Shopify or a third-party developer and then design your online store yourself.


CommerceHQ – This e-commerce platform provides all the assistance you need to build an aesthetic store that can catch the attention of your prospective customers. With tons of themes and great pages at your disposal, you can easily create a beautiful store for your online business. Within 6 minutes, you can create your e-commerce store from scratch using the various templates and themes provided by CommerceHQ. Also, it is easy to create the store with these themes and pages as you only have to drag and drop them. Therefore, you do not have to spend money on hiring a coder to set up your store because all elements you need to get started are within your reach.

Shopify – Generally, Shopify is also well known for creating a stunning online store that will assist you to sell your products quickly. Similarly, Shopify eases the process of creating and upgrading your store. In fact, you can set up your store and add every important feature it needs yourself.


CommerceHQ – Using CommerceHQ does not attract any processing fees. In other words, you do not have to pay any transaction fees to get the best out of your CommerceHQ as long as you are able to get a payment processor that charges low fees and does not require transaction fees.

Shopify – Since Shopify uses third-party gateways for processing payments, you will be charged for your transactions. There is also a Credit Card Rate of 2.9% as well as 30¢ for each transaction. If you have not activated your Shopify payments, you will have to pay the Shopify payment fee of about 2% per transaction.


CommerceHQ – When comparing CommerceHQ vs Shopify, the customer support service of CommerceHQ is not really great. Foremost, the platform uses a ticket system for customer support. It does not support live chat or phone. This sometimes makes it difficult for clients to get quick and reliable assistance on any issues that they may be dealing with.

Alternatively, you can get support on the CommerceHQ Facebook Group. You can get lots of information about how to use the e-commerce platform through FREE Weekly LIVE Q&A Calls with Jon Mac who is the founder of CommerceHQ. Furthermore, this Facebook group helps various businesses and users of CommerceHQ to connect with each other and get further assistance on various subjects related to e-commerce.

Shopify – The customer support of Shopify is undoubtedly one of the best you can get from any e-commerce platform. You can get help from the agents through different means such as phone, open chat, and email. These different mediums of getting assistance give users of Shopify exceptional experience.

Although the support for the phone call and 24/7 live chat can be accessed in English language only, customers can enjoy 24/7 email support in several languages. The supported languages include English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.


CommerceHQ – A lot of the apps that you can use with CommerceHQ are specifically designed to ensure that users can get help with conversions. These apps allow you to access top-quality reporting and improvements so that you can improve the shopping cart features of your store on CommerceHQ.


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Shopify – These apps for conversion are not available with the basic plan of Shopify. However, if you subscribe to a more advanced and costlier plan, you can have unlimited access to them. Therefore, the two platforms offer assistance with conversions.


CommerceHQ – You do not have to worry about paying for the SSL certificate of your e-commerce store as CommerceHQ offers a free SSL certificate. This is one of the great ways through which CommerceHQ makes sure that customers can enjoy quality services at a relatively low cost.

Shopify – Just like CommerceHQ, Shopify provides free SSL certificates to all e-commerce store owners.


CommerceHQ – There is a free web hosting service for every CommerceHQ store. To a large extent, the hosting service performs excellently. So, buyers do not have to worry about paying for any hosting service providers.

Shopify – This popular platform also provides free web hosting services. Since the professionals of Shopify are the ones in charge of the hosting services, customers enjoy top-of-the-line web hosting services that ensure that their e-commerce stores get 100% uptime.


CommerceHQ – The currencies supported by CommerceHQ are only a few. Therefore, you may not be able to receive payment from your customers who prefer to pay in some currencies that are not available on CommerceHQ.

Shopify – With regards to CommerceHQ vs Shopify, Shopify wins the battle of support for currencies as the e-commerce supports lots of currencies. In other words, your customers can make payments with different currencies that they are using. This helps in improving the ease of purchasing any product on your e-commerce store; hence, it can lead to an increase in your sales.


CommerceHQ – It does not offer any supports for mobile users. As a result of this, it is not possible for you to use a mobile application to access your e-commerce platform and execute any tasks. This may limit the ability of users to access their stores in a few situations.

Shopify – Shopify has a mobile app that allows users to take care of their online business right from their mobile phones. This on-the-go mobile application eases the process of monitoring your business and taking care of the needs of your clients.


CommerceHQ – There is no blog module on CommerceHQ.

Shopify – This feature on Shopify is designed to provide an extra platform for offering more information about your products. This feature can be used for announcing the launch of new products and features so that more customers can know what you are offering them.


Commerce HQ – This platform hardly provides any kind of discount codes that can assist you to save money on any of their charges. However, CommerceHQ does not have many extra charges; hence, discount codes do not seem to be important.

Shopify – Shopify provides discount codes from time to time. This essence of the codes is to ensure that customers can enjoy discounted prices when paying for their ongoing monthly fees.


In a nutshell, choosing either CommerceHQ or Shopify to kick start your dropshipping business is a great idea as each of these platforms provides you with various extraordinary features. These features are designed to ensure that you can execute your online business with ease. So, if you are unfamiliar with how CommerceHQ works, you should consider it as a good e-commerce platform to consider if you do not want to use Shopify.

As shown clearly in our CommerceHQ vs Shopify discussion, CommerceHQ tends to be easier to use than Shopify. It also provides the online business owner everything they need to start their business and make money online. However, any beginner who is ready to follow basic instructions to set up their e-commerce store can easily find their way around these two e-commerce platforms.

When considering the initial payment to set up your store, Shopify seems to be cheaper and more convenient. Nevertheless, you may have to pay more to buy extra plugins and apps on Shopify. In fact, you may have to spend as much as $200 to add all necessary third-party tools and themes. Hence, you will likely spend more to run a store on Shopify when compared to CommerceHQ.

In conclusion of our CommerceHQ vs Shopify debate, each of these platforms offers some advantages over the other. Hence, you can be certain of enjoying lots of amazing features if you choose any of these platforms. However, if you are looking for an e-commerce platform that is cheap in the long run, offers free access to loads of apps, and is easy to operate, CommerceHQ is the platform that we recommend for you.

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