Bluehost vs Wix: Which Is Best For You?

This Article Will Be An In Depth Comparison Of Bluehost Vs Wix To Help You Decide Which Web Hosting Company Is Best Suited For Your Business Requirements.

Bluehost is one of the major web hosting companies you would ever find in the world. Bluehost as a hosting company always ensures that there are a variety of plans to scale up site for their users. On average, Bluehost provides an uptime of around 99.9%. Bluehost’s good track records have given it an added advantage above every other hosting company. Bluehost presents a variety of hosting plans with responsive customer service support.

WIX is regarded as one of the most popular site builders on the web. This hosting company began work around 1996. It was founded by Matt Heaton. Wix provides services for over 37 million websites around the world. WIX gives chance for non-tech people to build their own website with their little experience.


nWhen it comes to web hosting companies, Bluehost is one of the major web hosting companies you would ever find in the world. It is regarded as one of the commonly used web hosts in the world. This is the hosting provider that the WordPress official recommends for its users.

Bluehost put the focus on reliability above every other feature. For a beginner, Bluehost presents a variety of hosting plans with responsive customer service support. Large businesses also enjoy numerous hosting plans offered by Bluehost. Bluehost comes with a lot of features that make users build and grow their sites.

Matt Heaton first created before finally settling for the successful Bluehost in 2003. He founded the company to serve a free hosting company at that time.

Since then, Bluehost has continued to grow into a company that has to manage high demand from time to time. Bluehost has been serving its customers across the globe with reliable, affordable and high-quality service. Bluehost has continued to grow stronger and now has over 750 employees. According to certain stats, it is hosting over 2 million websites around the globe.

One of the things that gave Bluehost a competitive edge over many other platforms is its partnership with WordPress. The partnership has lasted for over 10 years. Bluehost provides support for WordPress in terms of full-time staff dedication. It also provides a dedicated engineering team for WordPress core development. This partnership has continued to give Bluehost an affordable and high-performing hosting service for WordPress.


  • An incredible server uptime

One advantage of Bluehost is that it gives an opportunity for high website uptime. On average, Bluehost provides an uptime that can hover for 99.9%. This type is uptime is for lower-level plans but for the expect plans such as dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and VPS, it is nearly 100%. The essence of high uptime is to reduce the risk of losing revenue.

  • A fast server speed

Though Bluehost is not the fastest host to a minimal standard, its loading speed is enough to perform the right task for website owners. The speed of the Bluehost server depends on the type of hosting you are using.

  • Daily bundle backups

Bluehost does not joke with the aspect of backup as a hosting company. Every day, Bluehost provide backups for all their hosting plans, they also offer website restoration for their hosting plans. Although these backups are limited at least it saves you from losing all your details entirely.

  • A beginner-friendly host

For a beginner that needs a hosting provider, it is advisable to go Bluehost. They provide onboarding experience for customers and this is beginner-oriented in its workings. It is very clean and very simple for a new user to interface with it. It helps in finding the right hosting plan for your needs. It also helps very much when it comes to setting up hosting. Tutorials are available for your support just in case you run into any problem.

  • A long and good track record

Without a good record, it would be difficult for anyhow hosting company to last in this present time. Bluehost’s good track records have given an added advantage above every other hosting company. They always make sure they attend to the customer as soon as possible as a complaint is given.

  • Very flexible and scalable

Bluehost always ensures that there are a variety of plans to scale up site for their users this is why Bluehost is still remaining as the hosting provider. The Bluehost team ensures that every process is painless for its users.

  • Customer support and Documentation

There is a multitude of different support options for customers. There is the option of live chat, phone support for different hosting types that the company provides. Though the easiest way to reach Bluehost customer support is through the phone. It is assumed that Bluehost is doing a great job in terms of attending to issues from their users.

  • App and integration library

Due to the massive application library on Bluehost, it allows users to make use of different services and software available. It is easier to plug a hosting account into Google Apps.


  • Increase in renewal price

One of the major issues associated with hosting companies is that there is always an increase when it comes to time to renew. Bluehost is also one of the hosting companies that do this, they give an enticing offer to a new customer at the first stage but when it is time to renew the hosting, the price of renewal is increased.

  • Limitations to unlimited hosting

Most hosting companies will advertise that their hosting is unlimited whereas, in the real sense, it is limited. The unlimited hosting in Bluehost terms means that the company will make sure they do their best to provide all plans with the necessary resources to grow their sites.

  • The high cost of upgrading and add-on features

The cost of upgrading account is quite expensive. In addition to that, the add-on is also very expensive on Bluehost. You will pay a higher fee for the upgrading of the server, security, etc.

  • Lack of free site migration

Another downside of Bluehost is that they do not offer free migration services. It is expected of you to pay if you want to migrate from your site over to Bluehost. Most other hosting companies provide free migration. Though there is an uninterrupted site transition on Bluehost due to the high level of experts that handle its migration.


WIX is regarded as one of the most popular site builders on the web. It is probably the most user-friendly. Its origin can be traced back to 2006. At first, WIX was developed as a platform based on flash. But due to various problems associated with flash, in 2012 the team changed it from flash to HTML5.

Currently, Wix provides services for over 37 million websites around the world. WIX gives chance for non-tech people to build their own website with their little experience. The effect of this is that it reduces the cost of a website. With the help of tech, it is easier to create a website or a blog of your own.

Through its What You See Is What You Get(WYSIWYG), editors, drag, and drop can be used to perform a lot of activities. This gives the user a chance to select, resize and position any virtual object within the platform with ease. Wix allows users to place elements wherever they wish to place it compared to some other hosting companies. Wix gives you the opportunity to animate tests and other elements you wish to do.

Due to its friendly platform, businesses that deal with creative niches such as photography, freelance designer, musicians among others prefer Wix to other hosting companies. Wix has specific tools and functionalities that allow people to drag and drop into their websites. Wix is an ideal web building solutions for businesses such as restaurants, builders, law firms, small businesses, hobby businesses, mommy start-ups, artists, among others.


  • Good site speed

In case you are looking for a host that will give your website a good speed while users are surfing the web, the best for you is Wix. It has rapid building capability. Wix is very fast. So many tech companies have rated it as the best hosting company when it comes to speed.

  • A massive template collection

Though most site-building resources have templates. Wix templates are very massive which saves the user from the hassle of the building site from scratch. WIX has over 500 templates in which a user can pick from to build a website. It ranges from boilerplate corporate to travel and tourism. All the templates come with some basic pre-entered content. With pre-entered templates, the user can either build on it or wipe it over.

  • An intuitive drag and drop interface

The drag and drop interface on Wix makes it easier for a beginner to use. There are enough options made available on it to make your site a powerhouse. The Wix editor is very mobile. You can easily preview and edit your site to the exact look that would be displayed on mobile devices.

  • Ability to extend sites features

This hosting company has an application called the Wix App market. This app market offers some tools to improve the partial features of the editor. It makes it easier to perform specific tasks on your Wix site. It has an ecosystem of apps for users to take advantage of.

  • Easy marketing of sites

We all know that SEO is very important to the website. Wix provides in-built SEO management, so by default Wix does this for you. Although there is still a need to do a little guidance for it.

  • A lot of extra features

Wix is really improving on every side daily to prove itself as the best hosting company. To prove this, Wix has built an entire ecosystem of tools and products which helping people to create websites successfully. Wix also has numerous internal features that are useful and important for site owners to have and use. The interesting part is that they are all embedded within the same plan.

  • Variety of help and support system

It is important for any hosting company to put help and support for its customers as its core value. In this regard, Wix does well in this regard, there are a large number of exceptional videos from Wix you can watch. This will make using Wix easier for you.


  • Non-interchangeable templates

You cannot transfer content from one template to another. This is because it is a site builder. Hence there is nothing serious here except a word of caution. So you can simply pick your template carefully! If you change your mind later, you will have to manually shift over all the content you’ve created on your original!

  • Wix branding

We all know that everything cannot entirely free. For users who choose Wix and decide to stay on its free plan – there is a catch. When Wix hosts a free website, such a website will have the branding of Wix.

  • Tracking And Analytics

Though the majority of website owners usually like to see how well their site is performing. This is done with Google Analytics or a few other similar tools. But for you to utilize these features you must upgrade your Wix account to a better and costlier plan. You should not see this as a freebie. In fact, it can be frustrating in some cases because it looks simply like the connection of a Google API.

  • Site is not transferrable

One of the major shortcomings of the usage of Wix is this. People cannot migrate their websites to any other site. Of course, many website owners will have serious issues with this.

For instance, if you own a business that has grown over the years, you may want to move to a better and bigger platform. If you are hosted on Wix, you can migrate your data. In other words, you will be forced to pay a lot of money before transferring your data to another platform.

  • Single site premium plans

For users who might think that paying a premium plan monthly fee would give them unrestricted access to Wix for all sites, do not be deceived. The premium features are not transferrable, meaning a user buys it for one site and it stays there!



First of all, Bluehost offers several amazing features including unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, as well as unlimited hosting space. Exceptional performance, remarkable customer system, and affordable cost are some of its main features. While is known as a top-notch platform that offers web-based hosting services. This platform hosts millions of websites all over the globe. There are tons of features that are offered by Wix including more than 70 different types of templates as well as a simple interface.


One particular area where Bluehost beats Wix clearly is the area of WordPress hosting. WordPress is now a great blogging program that services the needs of millions of sites around the world. Statistically, over 25% of websites on the internet today are hosted by Bluehost. This shows that Bluehost is clearly the most preferred web hosting service between these two platforms. In fact, there are hardly any web hosting services on this planet that can compete favorably with Bluehost in terms of WordPress hosting.

The VPS platform is used for hosting the Bluehost WordPress. However, this platform makes it customization to be quite difficult on this plan. Using this interface, you can navigate with ease, enjoy smooth and quick setup, and experience the essence of many top-notch features. So, when it comes to WordPress hosting, Bluehost beats all other hosting sites, not just Wix.

For our wix vs bluehost wordpress comparison, Wix lacks WordPress hosting services. Of course, this noticeable drawback makes lots of people not to even consider Wix for hosting their websites at all. If you decide to go with Wix, then you can as well forget about ever having to use WordPress for blogging or doing other things on your sites.


If you want to use a particular framework or you prefer building your website with CMS, you can always rely on Bluehost to get the job done for you. Its flexibility is perhaps one of the main reasons why millions of people are always putting it ahead of other platforms.

On Wix, there are tons of in-built features. Therefore, you do not have to go through the stress of integrating the features yourself. So, all you have to do is to create a Wix account and launch your digital store almost immediately. Of course, you need to buy a suitable plan to start using the platform. Afterward, everything has been done for you and you only have to continue to enjoy its amazing features. This makes Wix to be much easier to use when compared to Bluehost. So, in terms of ease of set up of Bluehost vs. Wix, Wix is the clear winner.


The support system of Bluehost is great as you can contact the support team through different means. In actual sense, if you need the assistance of the experts, they will respond to your needs within 5 minutes. Also, you can be certain that the help you need will come as soon as possible. Similarly, Wix has an exceptional support system too. You can get in touch with them through several means. In addition, a lot of online communities are available to cater to your needs and solve whatever problems you might be having in a jiffy. Also, you have access to tons of online forums, articles, and lots more.


Bluehost has an average load speed of just over 1 second. When compared to many other similar platforms, this speed is outstanding and you will have no issues with your websites on Bluehost. Also, this will be vital to the ranking of your website on the search engine. Wix, on the other hand, has an average loading time of almost 3 seconds. This is relatively okay too, but Bluehost is obviously better in this aspect.


When you buy the Bluehost plan, you are automatically entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with the service, the platform can refund you as long as you contact within 30 days of your purchase. In the case of Wix, there is no money-back guarantee. However, you will enjoy a 14-day try-out period. Within the 14 days, you should be able to know whether the platform is suitable for your needs or not.


If you want to use Bluehost to set up an e-commerce store, there are tons of e-commerce programs for you in cPanel. However, you have to create your e-commerce sites yourself using the tools provided by Bluehost. Generally, this is time-consuming and laborious. You also need some skills to be able to do it. As for Wix, everything has been designed to make you create your online store with ease. Its e-commerce web builder also gives you access to several features that will speed up the creation of an online store.


Let’s bring our Bluehost vs Wix debate to an end. Generally, both platforms are great. They offer varying options for features that will make you enjoy being on the platform. However, if you like the idea of using WordPress, you should go for Bluehost because Wix does not support WordPress. Whereas Wix is particularly more suitable for people that simply want a cheap yet functional platform for hosting their sites. You do not need much technical know-how to get started on Wix. Nevertheless, you may require some levels of WordPress and web design skills to set up your Bluehost successfully.

Due to the difficulty with migrating data across different platforms, Bluehost is more recommended for people that are concerned about the need to expand and move to a better and bigger platform as their businesses develop. Bluehost also offers more options for customization.

Finally, Bluehost has an obvious edge over Wix, but Wix is not a bad option especially if


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