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Want to rock a pair of prescription glasses while not only being in style but saving your pocket, from the giant hole, a professional pair causes? Payne Glasses would be a perfect fit.

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What Is Payne Glasses All About?

payne glasses coupons and discount codes

PayneGlasses, one of the leaders in the prescription eyeglass and lenses market, is the place where need meets style and affordability. Can you believe it, the price for prescription eyeglasses starts at just $5.95?

One question that has been beating all of the prescription glasses and lenses wearers: in today’s era of mass production, how can an eyeglass cost so much?

Well, to break the news to you, it doesn’t! And that’s where Payne Glasses operates- eliminating the unwanted via their through the roof retail prices.

Their state of the art manufacturing facility produces lenses with lower material costs and YOU get the benefit of these savings. Ask us how? They cut the middlemen profit! Their savings, your gain. Could it be any better?

Why You Should Be Considering a Pair From PayneGlasses?

Wondering what makes them special? To be honest, a lot of things. But let us get to them one by one.

  • Transparency : Their mission to get their customers high end prescription glasses and lenses at the most affordable rate, without sacrificing the quality, makes them truly special. And to get this rolling, the company follows 100% transparency policy. No middlemen, no exorbitant profits! The company has eliminated all the upcharges incurred when buying a high end pair of prescription glasses.
  • A wardrobe of glasses : Who wouldn’t want one? Payne makes it possible for you to sport a different pair of glasses every other day. Match them with your clothes, mood or even weather. And though low cost, these aren’t some knock offs that would break in a week or two. Super classy high end luxury!
  • Extensive range: Casual, professional, classy, edgy, hipster- you name it and Payne has a pair of glasses matching up to your liking. Fill your collection with as many colors, shapes, and designs as you would like. The thinnest and lightest prescription glasses are possible with Payne.
  • Excellent services: Payne offers remarkable customer experience. Each frame comes with the industry’s best high end quality glasses, tailored to fit your prescription, and a premium case with cleaning cloth. Need anything changed, updated? Their friendly customer service representatives are eager to help you out.
  • Break through technology : Payne’s patent pending Payne Glasses Measure technology aims to revolutionize high performing designs and comfort wearing. As the first North American prescription glasses company, Payne has introduced light responsive blue blocker lenses. What does that exactly mean? Not much except your eyes are hundred per cent safe from the damaging HEV light emitted by the sun and electronic devices, such as laptops, computers, mobile screens, and TV. It also changes tint in accordance with the outdoor or indoor lighting, thus promoting your comfort level to the maximum.
  • The Give Back Model: While in today’s fast paced lifestyle there are a lot of people wanting to contribute to the society in one way or the other, the dearth of reliability of the channels holds some back. What can be great than buying something you need all the while knowing that your choice has somehow contributed towards the greater good, however small? Payne’s give back model allows you to be a part of their People Helping People program. Besides donating a pair of glasses or recycle used ones, they also create customized prescription glasses for those who cannot afford one. Know that each pair you buy from them has helped someone in need!

How To Order Payne Glasses?

It is pretty easy. Log onto their website, browse through the collection and choose the frame you like. Just make sure that the frame you choose is compatible with your PD. Proceed by clicking on the order glasses button. If you are a recurring customer, you can choose from the previously saved prescription on your profile. If you are new, enter the prescription details and submit. Next, choose the lens type and the accompanying coating package. Add this to cart and checkout. At the checkout counter you will see an ‘enter coupon’ box. Choose the applicable Payne Glasses coupon code, from the list provided below, for exciting discounts and offers.

How To Cancel/Change Order?

Payne lab starts working on your prescription glasses as soon as the confirm the order. While it isn’t possible to cancel the order, you can certainly request changes by talking to their super supportive customer service representatives.

How To Check Order Status?

It is pretty simple. Go to the My Profile section under the Accounts category. You might have to log in your id and password details once again. Under the My Profile section, you can see an option called ‘my orders’. Click on it. Choose the order for which you want to check status. You will get all the details therein.


None of us can forget the struggles we have had with prescription glasses. Either they are too boring, plain old looking and if not, they do cost you a bomb! And God forbid if you wanted a progressive Rx, you could be shelling out as much as the cost equivalent to buying a new smartphone. But is it really necessary? Do high end prescription glasses have to be that costly? Certainly not! And Payne Glasses is the savior you might want to know about in detail.

What are you waiting for? Go order NOW!

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