Lululemon Employee Discount Codes [April 2024]- Huge Offers Inside!

Are you an employer at Lululemon who curiously looking for their discounts?. Just check out for our latest findings on discount codes below->

Full-time Lululemon employees get 60% discounts & Part-time employees under 25 hours get 40% discounts. No discount codes required!

**[All Discounts Valid Till the End Of April 2024]

Love Lululemon but keep thinking it is too expensive? Has there ever been a sale at their marketplace? Well, there is a good news for you: They can be in your closet, at prices you would LOVE! There are some really attractive offers, discounts, for Lululemon Employees to help you go on a shopping spree for their apparels. And we bring the best collection of coupon codes to make it even easier for you. Go big, go shopping!

Lululemon Employee Discount Code [RECENTLY EXPIRED]

Here are the expired discount voucher codes for Lululemon Employees. Try you hard luck->

 Lulu20 – Use this code to avail 20% discount!

 NEWYEAR15 – Use this discount code to grab a  15off!

About Lululemon

lululemon employee discount codes

Lululemon Athletica, a Canada born athletic gear and apparel retailer company, is a reputed brand with a worldwide presence.

The brand is loved by men and women who love shopping for athletic wear, such as performance shirts, pants, shorts, yoga accessories, and lifestyle wearables.

The self confessed yoga-loving brand was founded in 1998 by billionaire businessman Dennis J Chip Wilson.

The brand calls itself to have been born from the love for sweat and aims to build a fitness loving community that appreciates innovative athletic wear and gear.

Initially starting as a daytime design studio that turned into yoga studio at night, has come a far way from being the standalone store. It is a multi-millionaire brand that has rapidly built a strong knit community that appreciates all things about yoga, fitness, and healthy living.

The first product Lululemon designed was a yoga pant, for women, which they evolved on feedback from elite athletes, customers, and brand ambassadors. Presently, the activewear brand creates, not just yoga pants, but fitness wear designed for running, cycling, weight lifting, and heavy gym workouts. All their apparels are sustainable and inclusive which earns more brownie points for the brand.

What Are The Products Lululemon Employee Discount Codes and Offers?

Lululemon diversifies its products into four broad categories on their website viz. Men, women, girls, and self care. There are further tops, bottoms, accessories, and inner intimate wear- all available as per the activity choice. So if it is cycling, high intensity interval workouts, brisk walks, or yoga- they are the perfect brand to look out to.

Standing tall as a Maverick: Here To Be

Need more reasons to show Lululemon some love? The yoga loving brand runs a social impact program, called, Here To Be. The program aims at making yoga and healthy living accessible to everyone across all economic, gender, social, and physical barriers. The passion is to make ‘yoga for all’. Yoga and meditation are at the center of their core values, where they believe these to be the powerful tools instrumental in engineering a happy, healthy, and content life.

With their non profit partners- I GROW CHICAGO, OURMALA, and LOVEYOURBRAIN, Lululemon is promoting equity and inclusion. Under the umbrella of Here To Be, all geographical, physical, economical, social, and cultural barriers are crosses to avail ‘yoga for all’ motto.

In love with the brand already? Wait, there’s more.

Lululemon supports its local and strategic partners helping them to fund scholarships for learning yoga, teacher’s salary, donate yoga mats, offer space in the brand’s stores to host training sessions, and share resources to build a yoga community.

Till today, company’s spearheaded initiative Here To Be has helped develop over 300 grass roots by investing $5.4 million and donating over 8000 yoga mats.

Need all the more reasons to go shopping at Lululemon’s? They have excellent employee discount codes and coupon vouchers to make you drool even more.


Want to Get Even Crazier At Shopping with Them?

We know shopping till your feet aches and back give ups isn’t a hyperbole. For shop till you drop aficionados, here are few tips to save even more at Lululemon’s:

  • Thursday is the sweet spot: There is a sale every Thursday on Lululemon, for just one hour, between 11 AM till noon EST. Grab your favorite pair of yoga active pants on a Thursday morning and thank me all day later.
  • Sold Out, already? Here’s the catch: There is nothing I have hated more than waiting for a sale, only to realize, the top I wanted was already sold out. Lululemon understands the frustration and has a secret back door for you. All their sold out sale items are available, on their brick and mortar stores, with FREE SHIPPING. Isn’t it awesome?
  • Mismatched prices at online store and the brick & mortar store? You are safe: Pricing inconsistencies between the online store and the brick & mortar store are well handled by them. Just ask them and they will happily adjust the price to whichever is lower. But please don’t ask them to refund you back the amount for a 50$ pant that went for 20$ in the online sale, two days later. The ‘adjusting to lower prices’ offer is only applicable on at- the- moment inconsistencies.
  • Want 25% discount? Start a running club: Well, who wouldn’t love a 25% discount on their favorite Lululemon shorts? There is a bright chance for you to gain 25% discount if you start a runner’s club. You get to avail the exclusive trainer’s discount. Yay!
  • Warehouse sales: Lululemon warehouse sales aren’t hyped for no reason. Every year they holds a warehouse sale across all major US cities, wherein you get to avail a staggering 50% Off. That is ridiculously awesome!
  • Facebook groups: As if all this wasn’t enough, there are Facebook groups for Lululemon products buying and selling. You will be required to have an active PayPal account to join these groups. Rush there now, there is waiting list on these groups!

Conclusion and Wrap Up

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