Latest Summoners War Promo Code List [April 2024]

Are you searching for the latest Summoners War Promo Code? You’ve come to the right place here today. We are just exclusively publishing this list of Summoners War Promo Code 2021 for our readers like you.

Latest Working List of Summoners War Promo Code

Please note that these promo codes are checked by our team and reported to be working. So you can have peace of mind using them once you download the game and install it, It’s simple and easy to claim your rewards using these promo codes. Just copy and paste them.

SW2021FEB43 – This code is for 1x Fire Scroll

SW2021MAR91 – This Summoners War Coupon Code gives you 1x Water Scroll

SW2021APR67 – Gives you 1x Wind Scroll

SW2021MAY20 – for 50x Exclusive Stones

SW2021JUN16 – for a 3x Mystical Scroll

SW2021JUL49 – Yet another one for 1x Mystical Scroll

SW2021AUG82 – This coupon code is for 1x Fire Scroll

SWTWRTA517 – Use this promo code to get some exciting rewards

WHOSNEXTS13 – Yet another promo code you can try for rewards

TEAMBATTLEISHERE – Use this promo code to get some rewards

More Summoners Coupon Codes (Not Verified But May Work)

Here are some additional promo codes of Summoners you can try. They aren’t verified but are likely to work. You can try and apply them.

Summoners War Promo Codes

SW2021SEP53 (1x Water Scroll)

SW2021OCT71 (1x Wind Scroll)

SW2021NOV64 (50x Exclusive Stones)

SW2021DEC89 (3x Mystical Scroll)

We strive to keep all Summoners Codes updated so that you will not have to waste your time trying one after another with no success. And we will continue to update them once fresh promo codes are available.

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The above Summoners War Promo Codes are mostly for Mystical Scroll rewards. There are various other rewards you can get as well. From Mana to energy and Crystals, it’s your luck to get them all for free using these promo codes.

Summoners War Promo Codes – How to Redeem Them?

In order to redeem Summoners War Promo Codes, simply run the game and head over to the news and events section.

From there, scroll down and at the end you will find the field to Enter Your Promo Code.

How To Redeem Summoners War Promo Codes

Then tap on this section, type in the promo code or paste them if you’ve copied on your clipboard and hit Enter (the red button) to redeem your promo code.

It’s easy to redeem these coupon codes and you will not have any problem with redemption.

What is Summoners War Game?

In case you’ve already been playing Summoners War Game, probably you don’t need to read this section. However, for those who are new to Summoners War, here’s a brief summary about the game.

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Created by a South Korean developer Com2uS, Summoners War is a mobile platform and turn-based strategy game. It’s a massively multiplayer online game. Launched back in June 2014 at Electronic Entertainment Expo, Summoners War: Sky Arena is a game available on both iOS and Android. The game boasts of over 150 million downloads worldwide.

How To Download and Play Summoners War: Sky Arena

Summoners War: Sky Arena game is available for direct download from Google Playstore as well as Apple Appstore. You can simply search for the game and download with a single tap. However, in case that’s a lengthy process, here are the direct links to download Summoners War: Sky Arena.

For Android users, download the game at this link. iOS users can get the game from this link. Once you download the game and install on your Smartphone, you can start playing.

Since it is a multiplayer online game, you will need to have an active mobile data connection or WiFi to be able to download additional in game files and also to play the game.


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