How To Buy On StockX With Coupons & Discounts?

Sales on StockX are done by bidding or purchasing for the lowest asking price from sellers. The process is really straightforward and here is the step-by-step guide on how to buy on StockX. And if you think you already got the best deals from the sellers, then you are wrong! Grab StockX discount codes from us for your purchase and apply them directly when checking out to get your stuff at a discounted price!


So, How To Buy On Stockx?

Here’s how to go about it :

Step 1 : Have fun browsing the user-friendly StockX website :

how to buy on stockx














Step 2 : Saw a pair of sneakers that you like? Just click into it! A clear description of the product will appear on your screen. You can even move your cursor to the button as shown to have a rounded view of the product of your choice.

buy on stockx with coupons


Step 3 : Click on the green button (Buy or Bid) and a size chart with the prices appears.

buy on stockx with coupons

buy on stockx with coupons


Step 4 : Choose your size and here’s the time for you to decide how much you are willing to pay based on the “Highest Bid” and “Lowest Ask” prices as shown.


How To Buy On StockX with Discount Hacks

You have 2 options to choose from, bidding or direct purchase.

Option 1 : Place Bid

This option is for those who have patience bidding and the bid will be successful only when the bidder and seller agree on the same price. But don’t worry, what you need to do is just these few simple steps.

  1. Enter your bidding price
  2. The system will compute the final price for you.

stockx buying hacks


If the seller’s ask price is different from what you bidded for, the transaction will not go through. However, if the prices matches, you can go to the next step directly.

Option 2 : Buy Now

stockx discount hacks

This option is much more straightforward compared to the bidding process. All you have to do is click on “Buy Now” and the total price will be computed based on the lowest asked price.

Step 5 : Click “Next” to the Payment page.

Step 6 : Remember to grab Stockx discount codes here, to enjoy great deals.

Step 7 : Make your payment and just sit back, relax, your parcel will be delivered to your doorstep.


Authenticity Concerns

Now authenticity is something questionable when purchasing online like this, that too not from the main website and of luxury goods. StockX always authenticates all the goods and products before they are sent off to the buyers, ensuring them of a safe and authentic purchase, which is reassuring of sorts when it comes to trading luxury goods. With all the luxury rip-offs on the market, this little step is super helpful to the buyers.

Buyers are also sometimes concerned or worried about paying too much when purchasing online like this. But StockX makes sure that does not happen, for which they provide all the data buyers and sellers would like to see such as the current market price, loss, gain and quantity of goods sold. This information helps the buyers see the market demand of the particular good, estimate prices people are willing to pay for it, and how much sellers might be asking for it as well. It helps the buyer have a mental preparation of the prices that might be set or the price he or she might be willing to pay up or save up for the good.

You are done! Happy Shopping!

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