GTA V Free Access For Limited Time: Epic Coupon April 2024

In an unexpected yet welcoming news for Gamers around the world, GTA V comes out with its biggest offers of the century. Especially, on a lighter note during Covid19 Lockdown, a blessing fro PC gamers is here. GTA V is made available for free download for a limited period of time.

GTA V Best Offers 2021: Limited Time

We aren’t quite sure as to add this amongst our offers and promo codes list. But hey, it’s Epic Coupon and you can claim your discount and free games while offer lasts. So we decided, for the love of PC gaming, to add for our readers. Grand Theft Auto V is free on PC via the Epic Games Store until May 21 at approximately 11 a.m. Eastern Time.

GTA V Free Download Limited Time

Anyone with an account (It’s also free to create one, by the way) will be able to redeem and keep a digital copy of Rockstar Games critically acclaimed entry in the developer’s most popular franchise. Much like free monthly titles that come with Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service, GTA 5 will stay in your Epic Games library even after May 21. But only if you claim it first.

That’s to say if you are reading this, head straight to your Epic Games Store and download GTA V. Best part? You get to keep it forever. Yeah, like forever!

GTA V and You – Are You Missing Out?

If you’re calling yourself a gamer and have not tried GTA V, well, you’re not among the 120 million people who tried the real (PC) gaming here. That’s not to discourage you though.

This open-world crime adventure that’s been around for the better part of the past decade, is definitely worth a try. And so Los Santos is calling.

More About The Game

Grand Theft Auto games feature a low-level criminal with free reign to wander about a city in the third-person. There you complete various criminal activities and work your way up to becoming the boss yourself. Along the way, you build up a criminal empire by stealing cars and fighting whoever stands in your way — even the police.

Grand Theft Auto V

Released way back in 2013, GTA V was a reimagining of GTA: San Andreas that set the standard of modern sandbox games. Rockstar created such an incredible intricate rendition of Los Angeles.  You’ll feel like you have already visited parts of the real-life city when you travel there even for your first real visit.

GTA V Game Community

GTA Online for PC has one of the most active modding communities on the internet. The GTA 5 Modding subreddit has almost 19,000 members, and through this community, players have added Iron Man and dragons to the game and even submerged the entire map underwater. More recently, a group of developers completely overhauled GTA V’s graphics, making Los Santos more breathtaking than ever before.

So Are You Going To Claim Your GTA V Free Download?

We hope you’re convinced by now, having learned about GTA V and the plot, to download the game and keep it for yourself. We suggest you to go ahead and stop wasting time while the coffee’s still hot.

Tomorrow is another day and by the time you want to check out, it will be back to a paid game and you will only regret not having claimed your biggest offer of the century.

Epic Coupon is Here

Although we focus only on the popular GTA 5 which is available free for a limited time, there’s Epic Coupon you can claim to get huge discounts of up to 75% OFF on other gaming titles as well. And by the way, I claimed the GTA 5 using the Epic coupon.

Epic Mega Sale Coupon

So what’s the coupon code? Well, there’s none. Just login to your Epic Games and you’ll see the best offers and the option to claim your Epic offers on the title page.

It’s simple and no nonsense there. It’s the Mega Sale and the sale will be on for a while. Here’s a note from Epic when you claim the coupon:

An Epic Coupon is applied at checkout when purchasing eligible games on the Epic Games Store. All Epic Coupons received during MEGA Sale 2021 will expire on December 1st, 2:59 AM EST. Read more about how you can apply your coupon below.

That’s that and a lot more. We just can’t write on all titles in a single posts. See you soon then!


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