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Are you really searching for software that will help back up all your files & keep everything synchronized? Then GoodSync is the right software that perfectly meets your needs. This easy-to-use software will automatically backup & synchronize your files between any mobile devices & laptops.

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What Is All About?

goodsync discount code coupons synchronizes and then backup files such as financial documents, MP3s, photos and emails between laptops, servers, desktops and external drives.

GoodSync utilizes an advanced synchronization algorithm that is designed to provide real bi-directional synchronization.

The versatile backup and synchronization software is equipped with innovative features that other similar software out there don’t have.

The software offers awesome support for users. First, there is a detailed manual that readers can refer to so as to learn how the software works in addition to learning more about its advanced features.

You can also submit your query to the online support team just in case you have a question. Congrats, you got a great support team ahead.

How does GoodSync Work?

GoodSync is designed to work on several platforms that include:

• Windows: GoodSync provides GoodSync for Windows Server, GoodSync2 Go for Windows and the original GoodSync for Windows.

• Apple: the software offers several options for the Apple Platform. They include the original GoodSyn for Mac, GoodSync Server for iOS.

• There is also GoodSync for Linux and GoodSync for Linux Server.


Why GoodSync?

You should know the surprising features of GoodSync before buying it:

  •  Backup Files: it helps backup files to a variety of mobile devices, portable devices and to SkyDrive, DAV, FTP, S3 or another computer. It further has a backup assistant to help you save all your contacts to a secure site.
  • Updated user interface: the digital world is ever changing. That is why the software is way ahead by offering an updated user interface in a bid to offer unparalleled visual experience to users.
  • Data encryption: it allows you to maximize your encryption and further include encryption on the intended destination as well. It uses AES that is equipped with a 256-bit key for encryption.
  • Improved organization for jobs: users can use a new grouping feature for purposes of complimenting the updated job status dashboard. Because synchronizing countless documents can be overwhelming, the software is designed with ease of use in mind.
  • GoodSync Control Center: it provides centralized reporting and administration, thus doing away with the need for the end-user interaction. This helps streamline the whole process, and further allow a single administrator to take care of the installations, synchronizations, back-ups, reporting and job assignments among other tasks.
  • Uninterrupted Synchronization: it helps connect files between multiple computers devoid of experiencing the slowness that is witnessed when synchronization is done through 3rd party servers.
  • Offers, fast, Real-Time Sync: the software is extremely fast and it can synchronize files on your command, gradually, by real-time, or by a specific schedule.

How to Purchase GoodSync?

GoodSync and its related products can be bought directly on the software’s official website upon obtaining a GoodSync license. You can also save on various GoodSync products using GoodSync coupon.



GoodSync offers a seamlessly convenient way of synchronizing and backing up your files. It combines features that take synchronization and backup to the next level. You can purchase the software today, or download the free version to enjoy superb synchronization and backup experience.

Happy Shopping!

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