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Azazie is an ideal online address for your bridal attire. If you are about to get married then Azazie is the right place for you. This amazing online shopping website is aiming to create your fullest happiness.

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What Is Azazie All About?

azazie coupons discount codes is the name which is recreating the sense of an online boutique as it is offering you a diversified range of bridal apparels.

They emerged as a new trend of bridal shopping for all. This company is completing its moral responsibility too

Azazie is a prominent boutique for hitting up your bridal party. They are making sure to generate a classic availability of bridal dresses, bridal gowns, fabrics, mother of the bride products.

Azazie is serving it’s a happy network for clients from California, US. Basically, it was a startup which made its arrival for coming up with all demands of bridal accessories and clothes.

Azazie is redefining the standards of customized dresses.

Why Choose Them?

Yes, they are providing you with the opportunity to customize your wedding dress. Moreover, you are free to decide your gowns or dresses according to your body shape and size. This company prefers to make the selection of fabric on its own. In order of crafting your dream outfit for the wedding day, Azadi is making a new world of bridal clothing.

Azazie is an incredible platform which is raising the mark of bridal shopping. They never compromises on the parts of the quality. There is no doubt that it is an ideal online store for getting done with your bridal shopping. This is the reason why Azazie is holding the hearts of many ladies.

Azazie is well familiar with the fact that the wedding day always stays the biggest day of your life journey. This is the main factor which has inspired them to help in making your wedding day extremely adorable for you. Every bride deserves to look best at her wedding. They are here to fabricate some lovely wedding wears for you. You need not to waste your precious time anymore. As they bring you the extended approach of online shopping for all brides.

Azazie offers a scholarship plan on an annual basis. This eminent online bridal shopping platform is allocating you some outstanding bridal outfits and other accessories at the lowest possible rates. They never forget to add on their personal touch in every array. This is the strongest aspect which works behind the shimmering success of Azazie. Some of its most lovable products are bridesmaid dresses, bridal gown, bridal sashes, bridal wraps, Fleur, wedding veils and so on.

How Azazie Works?

They work in just four simple steps:

Browse your attire

Yes, Azazie brings the entire freedom of picking your bridal apparel. The topmost phase of their services is that it allows you to make your selection without the participation of any middleman. They own a personal production unit. This department keeps the costs structure unexpectedly know for you. You just need to select your style. Azazie will make it happen for you. They are having more than 150 unique outfits and around 60 appealing shades for designing implausible bridal wear for you. It is up to you that what you are going to choose for your biggest day.

Creates your own showroom

At the second stage, Azazie gives you absolute freedom of creating your own showroom. The official website of Azazie takes into account the tapping of red hearts for forming your brook of bridal clothing. After tapping on these hearts exactly near your favorite dress you will be able to shortlist your bridal wears. This alternative of showroom assists you a lot in making your final decision. There is no limit of a number of dress while you are building your showroom. You can select any outfit from any category or you can also go for the customized option. If you are feeling that you will be having some issue on the sides of measurement then you can take advantage of home trials.

Share it with your lady gang

After getting done with your showroom. They will ask you to share it with your lady gang. Here you will get the authority to invite your lady loves to see your online showroom. This step makes it so convenient for shopping collectively. By this invitation, you all will be able to have a look of your dresses. Azazie believes that the method of collective shopping tends to be more favorable for every bride as in comparison to individual shopping. Here you can help each other in choosing your dresses gowns and so on.

Place your order

Once you are doing with your selection of dress or dresses you are all prepared to place your order. Now all you have to do is provide your measurement them or you can also give a rough idea about your size you can also enjoy the benefit of this customized service. Afterwards, when you are having a clear picture of your bridal outfit in your mind then just mark your order, mention your address and process for the payment. You will get your parcel within one week after the placement of your order.

Features of Azazie

  • Affordable rates
  • Customized option
  • Client’s trust
  • Smooth fabrics
  • Ravishing fitting
  • Sample options
  • Appreciable discounts
  • Several categories
  • Personal touch
  • A complete online shop for bridal clothing and accessories.

There is one more special feature of Azazie which makes it a great online bridal shopping address for you. You are going to get surprised after hearing this…. they also give you the option to try a sample outfit before placing the final order. This sample piece is free of cost. If you are going to contact them for a sample piece then just do it. They will drop that sample parcel at your door. Apart from that this, company often regulates the amazement of free shipping since they knows how to formulate your complete satisfaction with their services.

Main sections of Azazie are

  • Bridal clothing
  • Bridal accessories
  • Bridesmaids
  • Mother of the Bride
  • Fabric section
  • Sample section
  • Sorority Dresses
  • Evening gowns and dresses

Azazie is capable enough to accept the responsibility of making you look more than beautiful on your special day. This company is currently offering its services to the US and Canada. If you are all set to tie your knot with your prince charming then get your astonishing bridal attire from them today.


Am I allowed to customize my wedding dress at Azazie?

Yes, you are absolutely free to customize your wedding dress at Azazie according to your requirement. For this, you have to visit the section of customized services on their official website.

Is it possible to return the product?

Yes, it is possible to return the product. If you are having any issue with the received product then you can return it by making use of your return coupon. You will get this coupon by the company. There is one more most important thing which relates directly with returning scheme of Azazie that they will issue only one return coupon for returning any undesirable product. Try to return all articles at once because the company will ask for additional charges after redeeming your return coupon one time.

Is there any demand for shipping charges?

Azazie is not that particular about shipping charges. They will ask you to pay shipping charges on some order while they will place some parcels for free. For gathering more information regarding this matter you can check the shipping charges section in the help box of its official website.

How to know the status/details of my order?

If you want to know the status of your order then you can simply go for the option that says track your order. By clicking on this section you will get the recent update of your order. in this way, you can collect the information about your order status.

What is the provision to get the idea about my perfect size?

In case if you are having any confusion about your perfect size then you can check the size chart which is already there on its website. Azazie makes the use of reliable technological means for the purpose of helping you in identifying the flawless fit of your bridal gown or bridal dress.

Is it possible to place bulk orders?

Yes, it is possible. You can order countless dresses from Azazie at the same time. this is why they are allocating you the option of my showroom so that you can buy more and more items for your wedding day.

How Much does the sample piece costs?

You need not to pay any amount for your sample piece. They will ensure the delivery of your sample piece at your door. The shipping of this sample piece is exclusively free for you.


Azazie is dedicatedly working to design your kind of bridal outfit. If you want to earn the major attention on your special day then just get in touch with them. You can contact them through mail or call. Azazie is here to twine spectacular wedding apparel for you. Stop waiting anymore and order your startling bridal look at the moment.

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